Eastern Influences Meet Southwest Healing

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About Us


Several years ago, Sherry Sledge suffered a very painful existence.
She was fighting life-threatening mercury poisoning from an old root canal. Today she heals others with her therapy and guidance at Bodyworks Center for Perfect Health. .
I started on this journey because when I got sick back in California l took a sabbatical from 24 years in real estate. I ended up going to massage school just to do something to help heal myself, and it took on this whole other career Sledge says.
Sledge founded Bodyworks Center for Perfect Health in Florida. but moved it to Fountain Hills nine year ago.
With six therapists cross-trained in many therapy systems, they are able to address any problem a customer brings to them.
“We tend to lean toward medical massage”, Sledge says, “especially injuries, TMJ, chronic pain patterns, sciatica, fibromyalgia and postoperative pain.”
Sledge trained in India to practice the Ayurveda system, the oldest written healthcare system in the world at over 5,000 years old, which is a whole rejuvination/detoxification program with massage, steam, oil and herbs.
She also has been a certified educator for Dr. Deepak Chopra since 1994, and gives courses on mind/body medicine.
Sledge does a lot ol neuromuscular therapy with car accident victims.
“l got involved in that type of massage work because l was in two car accidents and a boating accident when I was in Florida, and I couldn’t get out of pain. The neuromuscular work got me out of pain.
“So I learned how to do it, and now I understand when people come in and they are in a lot ol pain,” she says.
“For everyone coming in the door, the main thing is to get their body totally in balance and de-stessed,” she says. “Whatever level of pain you’re in, we want to get you out ot that and show you how to stay out of that, and how to function wilh more energy and more focus.”
For further information, visit Bodyworks Center for Perfect Health at 16810 E.AVE of the FOUNTAINS AT VERDE or call Sledge at 816-3900.