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Is an ancient healing art using the fingers to gradually press key healing points, which stimulate the body’s natural self healing abilities. Acupressure was developed in Asia over 5,000 years ago. Using the power and sensitivity ofthe hand, Acupressure Therapy is effective in the relief of stress related ailments, and is ideal for preventive health care also for boosting the immune system. Acupressure releases tension, increases circulation, reduces pain and develops spirituality and vibrant health may be applied of the fully clothed.


The use of all natural, high quality essential oils during massage to enhance relaxation, rejuvenation, and emotional balancing. pamper yourself with aromatherapy !

Chair Massage

Easy and fast with no disrobing. Helps relieve head- neck and back pain in minutes.

Color and Chakra Theraphy

Focusing on colors of the rainbow helps improve over all calming sensations at each ofthe bodies chakra centers. Taken from ancient eastem cultures.Color helps balance our body & mind.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

A form of bodywork or altemative therapy focused primarily on the concept of “primary respiration” and regulating the flow of cerebralspinal fluid by using therapeutic touch to manipulation the joints of the cranium. To do this, a practitioner will apply very light touches to a patients’ skull, face, body, spine and pelvis.

Deep Swedish or Sports

Specially designed to prevent muscle and tendon injuries for both the professional and weekend athletes before and after workouts. Through specialized deep tissue manipulations that stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, muscle strains and soreness are significantly reduced. And post sports you receive fast flushing movements to detoxify the muscles.

Ear Candling

Excessive ear wax buildup is a common cause of hearing loss overlooked by doctors. Try this safe, soothing and all natural way to remove wax and pollen buildup in your inner and outer ear. Helps relieve sinus & allergy problems.

Fascial Unwinding

It is amazing to feel the fascial restictions in your body begin to unwind, untwist, and release. Two or more therapist assist you with light tension on muscles and the fascial system.. The fascia covers your entire muscle system and gives shape to your body. Fascia is a mesh like liquid and should stretch and flow for easy movement. When restricted and hardened one square inch has 2000 pounds of contracted pressure. Taking energy and life flow from you.

Hot Oil Relaxation Massage

Soothing warm oil is gently massaged into your body with long soft strokes giving relaxation and deep moisture to your welcoming skin while rejuvenating and restoring your energy.

Japanese Stone Facial Massage

Soothing special round donut like semi precious stones are gently touched in small circles on your tired and dry face taking away the stress and fatigue. This is a very relaxing treatment.

Japanese Hot Stone Massage

Powerful therapeutic Treatment that has been introduced to the westem world. Immediately you feel warmth , calmness & relaxation through out your body soothing nerves, relaxing muscles and your mind welcomes the gentle serenity.. A must to experience

Lymphatic Treatment

Soft soothing movements help encourage the lymph system to move the toxins out of the body, improve health and reduce swelling in the body. Very relaxing treatment. May be combined with our steam treatment.

Lomi Lomi

Unlike and other body treatrnent on earth, the Lomi Lomi Massage is incredible full body massage in which the entire body is massaged simultaneously in a continuous movement. performed for centuries in ancient Hawaiian Temples as a right of passage and renewing ritual, the secrets of the lomin lomi are only very slowly being brought to the mainland. Your therapist will use long flowing deep ( pressure will be adiusted for your needs) strokes that will run the entire length of you body from head to toe in one continuous motion, working both the upper, and under sides of your body. Your therapist’s arms will embrace you as the rhythmic waves of motion send deeply relaxing sensations to your brain. The Incredible treatment is great for relaxation, muscle tension, muscle pain, detoxification, increasing circulation, anxiety, depression and more.

Myofascial Release

Very effective at releasing nerve fibers that have become entrapped within thick layers of connective tissue and skin. With the use of skin rolling and sustained mild pressure on restricted areas, blood flow and range of motion are greatly increased in joints and muscles.


A scientifically based massage system designed to reduce chronic and acute pain by precisely locating and reducing muscle spasm. By restoring postural alignment, proper movement pattems and flexibilig the health of the entire system is restored. NMT is and effective And economically feasible method of treatment for soft tissue related pain.

Pregnancy Massage

We offer the proper equipment for comfort while receiving your pregnancy massage and offer relief of back pain and strain.

Raindrop Therapy

Is a healing technique using pure essential oils. with, reflexologr, massage and moist heat on the spine to create healing and cleansing through structural and electrical alignment to the body. The purpose of the therapy is to bring total balance harmony, and body wellness mental, physical, and emotional.


The ancient manipulation of pressure points on the feet & hands and ears, to address tlle whole body to improve energy, reduce pain and Heal the body.

Stress Buster

De-stressing and refreshing head neck and shoulder massage Without having to dis- robe

Swedish Relaxation

By far the most widely known method to instill relaxation and to increase circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems. You will leave feeling wonderful.

Steam with Aromatherapy

Experience this 2000 year old technique that uses hot herbalized steam to detoxify the body by up to 30% in just one session! This treatment stimulates your immune system, relaxes tense muscles and calm’s the mind and nervous system. Great for the skin. May be combined with massage.

Shiatsu – Thai

Both therapies encourage our own curative powers which helps develop our bodies be more capable of releasing pain and sickness quickly. Pressure points are released and the body will relaxe through stretching and movement


Medical massage differs from regular massage in that treatment is specifically directed to resolve condition that have been diagnosed by a medical doctor. The therapist may use a variety of modalities or techniques, but will focus treatment on the areas related to the diagnosis.Therapeutic massage is treated the same.

Visceral Massage

Visceral manipulation uses very specific soft manual forces to encourage normal mobility, tone and motion of the intemal organs and their connective tissues. It helps release congested livers, improve digestion by softening and restoring balance to the stomach. It works with improving elimination and reducing toxins held there. It improves breathing. Visceral massage can even improve your posture. There are many other benefrts from this work. Our therapist will cover them at your appointment.