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Massage for Pain Relief

Socrates. Plato. Hippocrates. Mary Queen of Scots. Chinese Medicine 3000 B.C. Massage dates back to some of the earliest recorded civilizatioris.For those in pain, this hands on healing can help calm nerves and muscles, increase circulation and revitalize your “chi” or energy.

Interview with Sherry Sledge,LMT
by M.Squires


How does massage offer pain relief?

Sherry : Massage assists the body in the removal of waste from muscles, while Increasing blood and nutrient flow. This results In a greater availability of oxygen to cells. In addition, massage Impacts various systems of the body.The central nervous system responds by relaxing.This aids the endocrine system inthe body by decreasIng cartiso! (a stress hormone) and Increasing serotanin, a neural hormone which directly effects pain sensitivity.And, massage activates the flow of endorphins, opiate like substances than reduce pain and make us feel good.

What about fibromyalgia?

Sherry : Fibromyalgia (FMS) is a distinct condition that Is self perpetuating. Disrupted sleep leads to fatigue; muscles become sensitive to pain which inhabits exercise or other activities; pain disrupts sleeps, and so on. Message therapy (MT) impproves sleep patterns and positively influences serotonin levels to decrease pain and fatigue.

Does MT help join pain?

Sherry : Absolutery. Arthritis is a term used for many different degenerative joint diseases. In osteoarthritis, cartilage destruction impairs mobality which in turn affects the suppleness of surrounding tissue and muscles supporting that joint. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) Joint damage is caused by inflammation and swelling, possibly secondary to a breakdown in the autoimmune responce. MT specifically Swedish Message, works on muscles that support affected joints. Plus MT is as an “artificial exercise” in that it increases blood flow, range of motion and suppleness of soft tissue, which can benifit anyone with joint limitations, including those post surgery and post trauma.

How is stress a factor?

Sherry : Studies show that stress negatively affects Immune response, causes tension In muscles which can decrease circulation and increase pain, and if prolonged, weakens the adrenals and other organs which are overworked. In Oriental medicine, chi or energy travels along meridian lines throughout the body. Stress can restrict chi by blocking meridians. MT releases tension through relaxation, thus opening the meridians and restoring chi and subsequent system balance.

What is Myofascial release?

Sherry : Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS) is charecterized by knotty bands of muscles which are twisted in spasm, especially in the shoulder to midback areas which are difficult for most people to self-treat. Myofascial release uses skin rolling and sustained mild pressure to release nerve fibers that are entrapped within the thick layers of connective tissue and skin. The result is increased blood flow and range of motion.

Explain Detoxification

Sherry : If circulation and mobality are restricted the body is compromised in it’s ability to eliminate harmful metabolic waste commonly referred to as toxins.Toxins are normally neutralized in the liver and released through elimination or the skln,the major organ In the body. Accumulated toxins obstruct the f!ow of energy and nutrients, which lead to illness and symptoms of bad breath, body odor, generalized aching and fatigue, Indigestion, con­ stipation and so on. MT loosens toxins, enhances your lymphatic and Immune system, and improves overall health. Following yot.r massage session with a 20 minute bath of Epsom salts promotes additional toxin release through the skin.

Any other benefit of MT?

Sherry :Our office also performs neuromuscular therapy for TMJ, cellular rejuvenation for Improved skin tone, 1T combined with steam detoxification and other speclaity techniques. MT can be insentified with aromatheraphy, the use of all natural, essential oils. Lavender relaxes, neroll calms irritable bowel, peppermint enerized, and sandalwood soothes the emotions. I belive that massage offers the facillitate pain relief on your way to perfect health.

Sherry Sledge is a licensed massage therapist (LMT) in fountain Hills specializing in chronic pain and detoxification. She and her staff at Bodyworks Center for perfect Health teach classes on massage tat cbi and other bealing arts. For information on massage therapists in your area, contact the American Massage Theraphy Association (1-947-864-0123) or the National certification Board for Therapeutic Massage (1-703-610-9015).
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